Testicles haven’t dropped. How long do I wait?

The condition of undescended testicles is called cryptorchidism. During development, testicles descend from inside the abdomen through a canal in the inguinal region to the scrotum. It is not terribly uncommon for one testicle to get hung up somewhere along the way. It is very uncommon for neither testicle to reach the scrotum.

In our experience, most testicles that will descend to the scrotum have done so by three months of age and certainly by six months of age. It is important that testicles do not remain in the abdomen because the body’s temperature is too warm and causes dysfunction which can eventually lead to tumor formation. It often requires skilled palpation to locate and identify the testicles especially in small breeds.

So what if my dog is over six months old and I don’t see anything down there? We recommend going ahead and getting him neutered.

Is the procedure more invasive for him? Slightly, but it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be. The procedure is different, but for an experienced surgeon, it is no more complicated than a spay.

At  SpayXperts, we commonly perform this procedure and believe it is still the best choice to neuter before puberty at six months of age.

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