Spay and Neuter, Take It Seriously

Consumers demand value for everything they spend their money on. Rightfully so, but when it comes to getting a pet spayed or neutered, saving money and getting a quality procedure can be a balancing act. At SpayXperts Norman, OK specialty clinic, we tip the scales in your favor giving you the highest standard in veterinary spay neuter surgery at a cost that will leave you enough money for gas and groceries.


Business Model

SpayXperts is a unique business model that combines specialization with efficiency to create a higher standard of veterinary spay neuter surgery at an incredibly affordable price. With this specialization and efficiency in every aspect of our business, we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding spay neuter surgery and pass the savings along too.


If You Have Questions, Ask The Vet

Questions about surgery are best answered by the surgeon him/herself. Nurses, assistants, and technicians are certainly qualified to answer questions about the routine, but technical questions should only be answered by a veterinarian. If there is one person that is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of your pet during a spay or neuter procedure, it is the veterinarian that is performing the surgery. Veterinarians have a certain passion and dedication to animals that shines through above all else. By talking to the vet, you should be able to pick up on this.

Reputable veterinarians like Dr. Boyer, welcome pet owners questions and enjoy explaining the process their pets will go through. Pet owners will naturally have questions about the spay and neuter process, and any practitioner of veterinary medicine should be fully amenable to answering your questions.


Check Out The Facilities

Attention to detail and cleanliness of the grounds/front office can speak volumes about the patient rooms and surgical suite. At SpayXperts in Norman, OK, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our facilities are clean and comfortable from the front office to the surgical suite.


Minimize The Risk

Responsible pet owners know the health benefits of getting a pet spayed or neutered, but they should also know the risks. While it is a fairly routine procedure, any surgery comes with certain risks. There are many aspects of surgery that can be controlled, and a few that cannot be. Through our experience performing well over 10,000 successful surgeries, we have managed to minimize the risks; even our minor complication rate is well below 1%. Make sure you minimize the risk for your pet by choosing an Xpert spay and neuter surgeon.


In Case Of Complications

Following your dog or cats surgery, follow the postoperative instructions to avoid complications. Your veterinarian should be available in case of any emergencies. SpayXperts is proud to offer 24 hour follow up care following your pet’s surgery. We truly care about your pet, and we make ourselves available to prove it!


SpayXperts continues to raise the standard for veterinary spay neuter surgery.

If you have any questions about spaying or neutering your pet, call the Xperts at (405) 217-9700 and we will be glad to assist you.

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